Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi y'all!  I just wanted to say I'm super excited about Amber Dickey Photography growing this year, and I look forward to it growing more.  I first picked up an SLR camera shortly after I had my oldest son.  I took pictures of him every. single. day. As Jim Gaffigan says, I have more pictures of my kids than my dad ever looked at me.  :)

I became very interested in photography after that, and began reading about it and practicing as often as I could.  It wasn't long before friends and family started asking me to take pictures for them, and of course I was eager to get more practice, so I always said yes.

I have taken pictures of families, parties, weddings, seniors, babies/kids/infants, soon-to-be mommies, and everything in between.  I enjoy meeting new people and capturing moments big and small that might have just become fuzzy memories.

If you are interested in contacting me, you can...

-Visit my Facebook page, Amber Dickey Photography.
-Go to my website,, and click on "contact".
-E-mail me at
-Text or call 479-409-1052.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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